The Wonderful Country That Is Vietnam

Vietnam used to be one of the poorest countries in Asia and the world, partly due to the war that broke out there decades ago. But now, Vietnam is a very bustling and prosperous country, with so many things to do and explore, both modern and cultural.

The Vietnamese have gone through a lot and worked on making their county one Asia's premiere but grossly underrated and underappreciated places to go to on vacation.

On of the best ways to see a lot of this wonderful country is by taking public transportation such as the train, or by renting a car you can drive. Each has its own pros and cons but the bottom line is that you will be given much more opportunities to take in the wonderful and rich culture that Vietnam has to offer.

There are also a wide selection of culinary treats that foodies will especially love. One of the cheapest but very delicious food - which is also very health as well - that you can find is Vietnam's version of noodles, where they use broth, white rice noodles, and a variety of other flavours, spices and ingredients that make it a truly unique dish. There are also mid-range restaurants as well as high class ones that serve the best of Vietnamese cuisine.
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