Go! Take a Holiday

As an owner or manager of a company, you know the importance of holiday in
your life. It could be recharging your energies or revitalising your life that
motivates you in taking a holiday. In other words, you know the value of holiday
in your well being.

Similarly, a holiday is needed by your employees. If you observe that your
employees' performance is declining, tell them ?Go! Take a holiday?.

With your kind heart may be you could give your loyal employees paid vacation
leave for their holidays. Another is complimentary ticket for their fares. Still
another is free accommodation.

The extra expenditure is not worth mentioning compared to the increased loyalty
of your employees to the company and to their improved self esteem. People with
high self esteem are more productive than those with low self esteem.

Unquestionably, your employees' well being affects their performance. So, these
incentives granted them will definitely bounce back to your company's gain

From the time when your employees have been rejuvenated, revitalised and
recharged they will undoubtedly perform their jobs well. Further, absenteeism is

Clearly, sending your employees to a holiday once in a whilst is best for their
overall health and the company as well. In conclusion, don't hesitate to tell your employees to go for a holiday.
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