4 Things to Expect on a Holiday to Antarctica

Add a little excitement as well as a lot of surprises in your next vacation by going on a holiday to the Antarctica. With icebergs, extraordinary campsites and spectacular views, Antarctica gives you a totally different experience that you'll never forget. Still undecided whether this cold destination is a good choice for your holiday? Read on to find out more about what to expect in Antarctica.
1. Be prepared to travel for longer periods of time. The journey to the land of ice and snow is much further than traditional cruises or trips. Expect to travel over sea for days and hours. It's best to come prepared with a good book, music players or other forms of entertainment, especially if you're bringing young children along with you.
2. Watch out for so-called "chocolate icebergs." Not all icebergs are white. Be prepared to spot muddy-coloured chocolate icebergs. These ice formations are created from mud and pulverised rock from the ground, which collect within the ice.
3. Make sure that you're prepared to hike up hills, to enjoy spectacular views. Bring good trekking shoes so that you can make the 30-minute climb up Observation Hill. Once on top, you can feast your eyes on the breathtaking views of Mt. Erebus and the Ross Ice Shelf.
4. Expect to see various exotic wildlife and animals. Get your cameras ready so that you can take photos of different species of penguins, seals and even southern elephants and leopards that you can spot from afar. See if you can catch killer whales or humpback whales with your camera as well. Choose the less-beaten path when planning your holiday. Try going for a cruise or trip to the Antarctica. It'll definitely be an experience that you'll remember forever.
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